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The Secrets of Didgeridoo DVD

Artikel-Nr.: V059dvd

D. Wilmington (dt. / engl.) inkl. Handbuch

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Playing the Didgeridoo with Tony Colley DVD (engl.) 30 Min.

Artikel-Nr.: V063dvd

This is the first DVD in the “Playing the Didgeridoo” series.

“Beginner Techniques” is the only DVD you'll need to start playing straight away! All the basics are covered in an upbeat and easy to follow format. Learn circular breathing, vocalising, tonguing, diaphragm control, rhythms and more.

With the Playing the Didgeridoo DVD, you can follow Tony in real time.
Select either a 30 or 45 minute program length - only the practice times vary.
Jump to, repeat or skip any section, anytime - it's completely interactive!

Tony also reveals a simple method of mastering circular breathing - and it's much easier than you think!

27,80 *
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Didgeridoo - Ein Leitfaden für Anfänger

Artikel-Nr.: V005


19,90 *
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Lehrvideo für Einsteiger

Artikel-Nr.: V027

ca. 50 min.

19,90 *
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Lehrvideo für Fortgeschrittene

Artikel-Nr.: V028

ca. 50 min.

19,90 *
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