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Remembering Forward (engl.)

Artikel-Nr.: A285

Australian Aboriginal Painting since 1960: Kasper König, Emily Evans and Falk Wolf
188 pages, jacketed hardback, 310 x 240 mm, 100 illustrations

Remembering Forward presents works by nine of the most prominent Australian Aboriginal artists: Paddy Bedford, Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Queenie McKenzie, Dorothy Napangardi, Rover Thomas, Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, Tim Leura Tjapaltjarri and Turkey Tolson Tjupurrula.

Their works are situated in, and generate, a peculiar tension between traditional and modern and past and present. On the one hand, they usually take as their subject the so called ‘Dreamtime’ of prehistory from which myths of the earth’s and humankind’s creation have been handed down. In that regard they are deeply traditional. On the other, these artists have radically changed their medium and method of art-making over the last forty years. Inherited practices of sand- and body-painting have been transformed such that the paintings are executed in acrylic on canvas or other portable media. These changes afforded the artists entry to the global art market. Thus they have adjusted to address an outside public and keep the images free of those parts of the Dreamings that, in their own culture, are reserved for the initiated.

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Das Verborgene im Sichtbaren/The Unseen in Scene (dt./engl.) S.

Artikel-Nr.: B666

The Unseen in Scene. Zeitgenössische Malerei der ersten Australier. Contemporary Art of the First Australians (Deutsch) Broschiert November 2001

by Elisabeth Baehr, Vivien Johnson, Bernhard Lüthi (Autoren)

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Steinzeitmoderne Zeitgenössische Malerei der Aborgines (dt.) 28 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A343
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Nangara the australian aboriginal art exhibition (frz.) Hank Ebes et al.

Artikel-Nr.: A344

Exhibition of works from the Ebes Collection

Volume 1 - The Text 100 S. and Volume 2 - The Catalogue 195 S.

305mm x 240mm; 400 Farbfotos,, 43 schwarz-weiss Fotos, 3 Landkarten.

Introduction, artists, biographies, glossary, further reading. Soft covers

Volume 1 contains seminal essays by Geoffrey Bardon (The Dreamtime and Art of the Western Desert), Bob Edwards (Art of Arnhem Land) and Dick Kimber (Mosaics you can move). Our version is in French!

Volume 2 contains colour photographs of Aboriginal paintings of artists such as Johnny Warangkula, Anatjari Tjakamarra, Pansy Napangati, Rover Thomas, Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri and many others.

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Aboriginal Art of Australia: Baglin & Mullins (engl.) 34 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A346

An introduction to the vast world of traditional Aboriginal art: rock engravings, cave and bark paintings, decorative and symbolic designs both sacred and secular.

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Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri: Vivien Johnson (engl.) 256 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A352

Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri was one of Australia's most distinguished painters of the late twentieth century. A pioneer of dot painting in the Western Desert of central Australia, he soon became a leader of this important movement of Indigenous art. His inherited dreaming stories, embodied in symmetrical designs within cultural 'maps', hold important and potent meaning for his own people but the uninitiated, equally, can feel their power and appreciate their extraordinary pictorial beauty.

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Australian Aboriginal Paintings: Jennifer Isaacs (engl.) S.

Artikel-Nr.: B615

This book explores how Aboriginal painting has undergone a renaissance over the past two decades as Aboriginal artists express the strength and resilience of their ancient religious values in their paintings, as well as their deep connection to the Australian landscape itself.

It presents an overview of traditional Australian Aboriginal "religious" paintings, based on the Dreaming, the Tjukurrpa, the Wonggar, the Creation, but expressed now, in present day Australia.

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Aboriginal Designs: Penny Brown (engl.) 32 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A402

This useful design source book provides a source of ideas and inspiration for various craftspeople and artists. It presents designs that can be used as stencil or embroidery patterns, stationery designs, furniture decoration, glass painting guides or whatever your imagination chooses. It can also be photocopied, traced, coloured, and used for your own designs.

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Spirit & Vision Aboriginal Art: Sammlung Essl (dt.) 268 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A403

Mit >SPIRIT & VISION – Aboriginal Art< bot die österreichische Sammlung Essl nach der erfolgreichen, 2001 präsentierten Ausstellung >DREAMTIME< vom 02.04. – 03.10.2004 neue Einblicke in die Kunst der Aboriginal People Australiens. Neben der Präsentation traditioneller Aboriginal Art standen Tendenzen in Richtung Neuer Medien, der sogenannten Urban Art, im Mittelpunkt der Ausstellung.

Die Aboriginal Kultur ist die älteste lebende Kultur der Welt. Die Kunst der Aboriginal People erlebte in den letzten 40 Jahren eine drastische Veränderung. Für viele Künstler wurden Anpassungsfähigkeit und Wandel überlebensnotwendig – sie änderten Farben, Maße und Materialien, aber nicht die dahinter stehenden Ideen, nicht den Geist. Die Geschichten über die Erschaffung der Welt werden in der Sprache der jeweiligen Zeit erzählt und bahnen sich in wechselnder Gestalt einen Weg in die Zukunft.

>SPIRIT & VISION – Aboriginal Art< zeigte sowohl Werke, die in den Outbacks entstanden sind, als auch solche aus den Städten, Arbeitsstätte der so genannten Urban Artists. Diese Künstler sind stärker von der westlichen Kunst beeinflusst und verwenden ein weites Spektrum künstlerischer Medien, darunter Fotografie, Video, Computeranimation und Installationen. Viele der in diesem umfangreichen Ausstellungskatalog dargestellten Arbeiten beleuchten neben anderen Themen auch die urbanen Lebensumstände. Sie sind eine Art Kommentar der "Basis" zur Situation der Aboriginal People in den australischen Städten. 130 Werke von 94 Künstlern spannen einen breiten Bogen von vielfältigen Arbeiten, geschaffen von Künstlern unterschiedlicher Herkunft.

Die junge, urbane Kunst wurde in der Ausstellung traditionellen "alten Meistern" gegenübergestellt; sie schöpfen aus dem reichen Schatz der Ahnen. Leinwandarbeiten, barks (Rinden), Schnitz- und Flechtarbeiten sowie Fotografie und Video verdeutlichen das weite Feld medialer Möglichkeiten, das heute von den Aboriginal Künstlern in Australien genutzt wird.

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Aboriginal Art: Wally Caruana (engl.) 216 S.

Artikel-Nr.: B209e

A superlative introduction to the diversity of Aboriginal art, this concise survey introduces the work of Australia's indigenous artists from all parts of the continent. For some 50,000 years, Aboriginal artists have built on traditions and worked in a variety of contexts, from the sacred and secret realm of ceremony to more public spheres, and in media that include painting, sculpture, engraving, constructions, weaving, photography, printmaking, and textile design.

For the revised third edition, a new chapter maps the latest developments across each of Australia's geographical regions. Updated information and some 20 new illustrations highlight the impact of urban living, the growth of local art centers, and the rise of women artists - all testifying to Aboriginal art's continued dynamism and vitality.

Wally Caruana was Senior Curator of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, from 1984 to 2001.

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Aboriginal Art: Essl Museum Wien (dt.) 88 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A477

Published on the occasion of a comprehensive exhibition of Aboriginal art at the Essl Museum in Vienna in 2015, it is a catalogue of some of the works that were displayed which were created by the indigenous population of Australia.

The works that were on show are owned by the Essl collection and include important and seminal Aboriginal artists, including Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Rover Julama Thomas und Queenie McKenzie Nakarra, as well as younger artists such as Destiny Deacon.

The Essl Museum boasts one of Europe's most significant collections of Aboriginal art. It was acquired during several extended trips to Australia by the art collector Karlheinz Essl, who intensely explored the art and culture of the Aboriginal people. With its exhibitions 'Dreamtime' (2001) and 'Spirit & Vision' (2004), curated by Michael Eather, the Museum had already provided deep insights into contemporary Aboriginal Art in Australia.

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and a kangaroo too (engl.) 58 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A488

Images of animals inhabit Australian Aboriginal Art. Goannas, Magpie Geese, Crocodiles, Kangaroos, Emus, Possums and Turtles are among the many wondrous animals that inhabit this book. Each double page introduces with its Aboriginal name a different animal of the Dreamtime.

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