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BorderCrossing: Wanderlust Jazz Sextett CD

Artikel-Nr.: CD129

Duration 76:06 min Genre: Jazz, pop/rock
Styles: Alternative pop/rock, alternative/indie rock, power pop

Miroslav Bukovsky: trumpet, flügelhorn, percussion
James Greening: trombone
Carl Orr: guitars
Alistair Spence: piano, keyboards
Adam Armstrong: acoustic and electric basses
Fabian Hevia: drums, percussion
Julian Gough: tenor saxophone `Pentimento´
Renee Geyer: vocals 'Until'

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Mara!: Ruino Vino Jazz Quartett CD

Artikel-Nr.: CD131

Over more than two decades, Mara! have developed a unique musical style which fuses folk roots with modern jazz expressionism, adding influences from rock to early music, while journeying through Anglo-Celtic, middle Eastern, Balkan and Mediterranean traditions. Nowadays Mara! perform many original works which are a musical mirror where these flavours find their dazzling reflection.

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Australia: Cusco and the Philharmonic Orchestra CD

Artikel-Nr.: CD062

1. Australia 2. Unknown Paradise 3. Ancient People 4. Seaplanet 5. Didjeridoo 6. Flying Condor 7. Highland 8. North Eastern 9. From a Higher Point 10. Earth Waltz 11. Magic Forest

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Tutti Frutti: Xenos CD

Artikel-Nr.: CD407

As reviewed in Songlines Magazine (UK): "...a triumph. This is quite splendid, energetic and powerful, and a credit to both the musicians and their collaborators and nformants. More, please!" Kim Burton
"I still do not believe that they're from Australia. The vocals are just too authentic and the musicians seem to know what their doing. The best Balkan CD from outside the Balkan I can think of!" Eelco Schilder

1. Usti Usti Baba 4:21
2. Geliyor Dügün Alayi 4:36
3. Çorolo 4:51
4. Posadila Baba 3:22
5. Çirikli 3:50
6. Tutti Frutti 3:40
7. Sadila Ganka 5:33
8. O Dive Nakela 3:07
9. Romski Gaida 6:25
10. Demsa 4:44
11. Radka Piratka 3:23
12. Mootown Zurna 3:18
13. Dedo Mili Zlatni 4:12
14. Di Di

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The Way of the Dolphin: Medwyn Goodall CD

Artikel-Nr.: CD178

1. Odyssey 6:38
2. Shared Worlds 6:58
3. Whale Requiem 5:25
4. Reverberations 3:08
5. Dolphin Dreams 5:30
6. Tears Of The Deep 7:05
7. Undersea Oasis 5:07
8. Face To Face 4:48

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Australian Percussion: Michael Askill CD

Artikel-Nr.: CD138

Michael Askill is considered by many to be Australia's finest percussionist.
In Australian Percussion, Michael displays his close ties with many of Australia's most respected composers. Nigel Westlake and Martin Wesley-Smith, for example, each contribute colorful, accessible scores for multiple percussion instruments from around the world; Wesley-Smith's White Knight and Beaver, inspired by Lewis Carroll, also incorporates effective, atmospheric touches of electronic music.

The dean of Australian composers, Peter Sculthorpe, has also contributed a piece to Michael Askill's one–man–band recording. Again using studio multi–track techniques, Askill performs How the Stars Were Made, an evocative depiction of an Aboriginal creation myth, using mallet instruments and percussion from around the world. Ross Edwards, another of Australia's more established composers, wrote his Marimba Dances specifically for Michael Askill. This buoyant solo piece is based on a traditional song from Madagascar - making it just one of several pieces on this recording to draw on the rich percussion traditions of Africa, Asia, and the Near East.

In addition to being the recipient of numerous dedications from other composers, Michael Askill is a composer himself. His Lemurian Dances is perhaps the most exotically scored piece on the album, employing thirty-four different percussion instruments from the traditions of China, the Philippines, the Andes, Aboriginal Australia, and Western classical and rock music. Like the United States, Australia is a culturally diverse country - a melting pot. And like the U.S., it is home to a thriving music scene that draws strength from that diversity. Australian Percussion is a delightful and intriguing introduction to the vibrant sounds and colors of Australian music.

1. Omphalo Centric Lecture 8:38
2. Lemurian Dances 10:36
3. Marimba Dances 9:46
4. How the Stars Were Made 9:29
5. Fabian Theory 5:40
6. White Knight and Beaver 9:26

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enriching australia: celebrating 50 years of migration CD

Artikel-Nr.: CD406

This CD is a showcase of Australian musical talent by performers who represent a wide range of diverse cultural backgrounds, from Australia's indigenous peoples to its newest immigrants.

1. Pig Wobble
2. To Karavaki
3. Om Mani Padme Hung
4. Tryin' Times
5. Da Mast Mast
6. Harness Up
7. Different Races
8. Take Me For Who I Am
9. It's What's Within

Performers include Charlie McMahon Didgeridu, Rebetiki Compania Greek folk music, Yungchen Lhamo Tibetan singer, Kate Ceberano Australian singer, Dya Singh family Indian & multicultural sounds, Died Pretty Australian band.

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friends of down under: Welcome to Australia CD

Artikel-Nr.: CD405

Eine musikalische Reise nach "Oz" - diese CD ist das erste Ergebnis der Musikproduktionsreise von Conny Conrad durch Australien. Mit dortigen Top 10 - Stars konnte sie in Queensland eine gitarrenorientierte, relaxte Scheibe produzieren, die das typische "Aussie-feeling" verkörpert. Ihre Erwartungen wurden mehr als erfüllt: "wenn Australische Musiker die Songs eines Deutschen Komponisten spielen, dann kommt ein tolles Hörergebnis dabei heraus". Deshalb will sie demnächst wieder "down under" gehen und mit neuen Songs nach Hause kommen.

1. Welcome to Ausralia
2. There's a time
3. Tears are falling
4. Love you anyway
5. Hey girl
6. Going to Australia
7. Give love
8. Forgotten days
9. One way ticket
10. Falling star
11. Dive
12. Back to the water

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