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200. Geburtstag des Australienforschers Ludwig Leichhardt (dt.) L. Leichhardt

Artikel-Nr.: A328

Eigentlich keine Biographie, sondern chronikartig verfasst. Sein Inhalt bildet einen Querschnitt durch die Heimat, Genealogie, Zoologie, Botanik und Geographie, mal mehr, mal weniger. Schwerpunkte des Inhalts bilden: (siehe unter Details)

„Es ist doch sonderbar, daß ich in meinen Träumen fast jede Nacht jetzt nach Trebatsch geführt werde, obwohl meine Geschäfte mich den Tag über mit so verschiedenen Gegenständen in Berührung bringen; und immer ist es, als wenn ich zu Fusse angewandert käme, als wenn ich in der weiten Ebene Trebatsch und unsern Garten sähe, wie wenn man von Sawall oder dem Luche dem Dorfe sich nähert. Die vorletzte Nacht sah ich die Kirche in Ruinen und wie ich den Garten eintrat, schien es mir als wenn Barths Kinder Onkel Ludwig! riefen,…“ Ludwig Leichhardt an seinen Schwager Schmalfuß, London, den 27. Sept. 1841


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A Fortunate Life: A.B. Facey (engl.) 331 S.

Artikel-Nr.: B459

This is the autobiography of an extraordinary life of an ordinary man. It is the story of Albert Facey, who lived with simple honesty, compassion and courage. A boy who started work at eight on the rough West Australian frontier, he struggled as an itinerant rural worker, survived the gore of Gallipoli, the loss of his farm in the Depression, the death of his son in World War II and that of his beloved wife after sixty devoted years - yet he felt that his life was fortunate.

Facey's life story, published when he was eighty-seven, inspired many as a play, a television series, and an award-winning book that has sold over 800,000 copies.

'I am stunned by the horror this man endured in his childhood. I am humbled by his gentle acceptance of the good and the bad... This is an extraordinary and moving book.' Adelaide Advertiser

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An Aboriginal Mother Tells of the Old and the New: Labumore (engl.) 246 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A336

Elsie Roughsey was born into the the Lardil tribe of Aborigines from Mornington Island or Goonana, in the southern Gulf of Carpentaria, in 1923. She tells of Aboriginal life soon after the first missionaries arrived in the tribe.

Raised in a dormitory mission and in the traditional life of her tribe, she writes about power, religion, love and marriage, childbirth, medicine, education, crime and punishment across both worlds.

This is a book of great charm - and a rare and significant portrait of an Aboriginal life during a period of acute and often traumatic change.

Cover art by the author's artist husband, Dick Roughsey.

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Beaten by a Blow: Dennis McIntosh (engl.) 278 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A271

One man's story of life as a shearer, a tearaway and a young father trying to make ends meet. Dennis McIntosh was always determined not to get stuck in a factory like his father, but it's only once he takes a job as a roustabout that he discovers what he really wants to be: a shearer. Travelling from station to station, he revels in the smell and feel of the sheds, and the freedom of being answerable to no man except his mates. And it's a thrilling time to be in this legendary occupation. There's a fight on: the union is defending its workers against scab labourers' use of the wide comb. But while shearing's a fine life for a nineteen-year-old, it's a hard one for a man. As the added weight of adulthood settles on Dennis's shoulders, the sheds take their unforgiving toll.

Beaten by a Blow shows us the reality behind the romance of the shearer. Most of all, it tells the story of a boy full of hope crashing headlong into life - into work, into drink, into responsibilities he isn't ready for, which come closer to breaking his back than shearing ever did.

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Die wahre Geschichte von Ned Kelly und seiner Gang: Peter Carey (dt.) 448 S.

Artikel-Nr.: B653dp

Ned Kelly ist zwoelf, als sein Vater verschwindet. Mit vierzehn kommt er zum ersten Mal mit dem Gesetz in Konflikt: Pferdediebstahl, Sabotage, Bankueberfaelle. Doch hinter der rauen Fassade verbirgt sich ein warmherziger und großzuegiger Mensch. Dem zweifachen Booker-Preistraeger Peter Carey gelang das Kunststueck, der australischen Legende Ned Kelly eine Sprache voller Leidenschaft und unbaendiger Wildheit zu geben. Eine grandiose Outlaw-Ballade.

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I, the Aboriginal: Douglas Lockwood (engl.) 242 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A464

The autobiography of Waipuldanya, a full-blood Aboriginal of the Alawa tribe at Roper River in Australia's Northern Territory, as told to Douglas Lockwood.

In his youth, Waipuldanya was taught to track and hunt wild animals, to live off the land, to provide for his family with the aide only of his spears and woomeras.

This is the gripping story of his boyhood and youth, and how he trained as a skilled medical assistant, to become a citizen of both the Aboriginal and whitefella worlds.

Achtung bitte: Verschiedene Ausgaben werden geliefert, je nach dem, was gerade vorrätig ist.

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Long Walk Home: Doris (Nugi Garimara) Pilkington (dt.) S.

Artikel-Nr.: B271

Das Buch zum Film: Die wahre Geschichte einer Flucht quer durch die Wüste Australiens

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My brother Donald: Gwen Friend (engl.) 176 S.

Artikel-Nr.: B942

Donald Friend - painter, sculptor, draughtsman, printmaker, writer, critic and traveller - was one of Australia's most flamboyant and gifted artists. Here, Gwen Friend creates an intimate and witty portrait of her famous brother, from their early family life on a rural property, through Donald's rebellious schooldays, to the bohemian world of prewar Sydney and beyond. Following the dramas of their wartime years, during which Donald finally became an Official War Artist, this elegantly told story traces his developing career, touching on famous feuds and feasts. Postcards and letters provide fascinating glimpses into Donald's adventures abroad, in England, Europe, Africa, Sri Lanka and later his beloved Bali.

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On our Selection: Steele Rudd (engl.) 146 S.

Artikel-Nr.: B480

On Our Selection (1899) is a series of stories written by Australian author Steele Rudd, the pseudonym of Arthur Hoey Davis, in the late 1890s, featuring the characters Dad and Dave Rudd.

Against the backdrop of the Australian landscape, these are the tales about the farmers of the area on their small selection farms. The hardships, sufferings and the tough lifestyle of those people is elucidated in these pages. The indomitable will of the people who stand in face of extreme adversity is also beautifully captured. Riveting!

Steele Rudd's books were also the basis for the famous "Dad and Dave" radio series of the 1950's and 1960's in Australia.

From Wikipedia: In Australian history, a selection was a "free selection before survey" of crown land under legislation introduced in the 1860s, similar to the United States Homestead Act. Selectors often came into conflict with squatters, who already occupied the land and often managed to circumvent the law.

The Bulletin magazine published the illustrated collection comprising 26 stories in 1899 as On Our Selection. Within four years 20,000 copies had been printed. It afterwards appeared in numerous low priced editions and by 1940 the number of copies sold had reached 250,000.

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Restart in Newtown, Sydney: Jan Henkel (engl.) 178 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A367

A young student from rural Germany travels to Australia to study for a semester at the University of Sydney. During the course of his long journey, which takes him to the fifth continent’s most varied locations, he gets to know the country and its people. He also finally discovers what he’s been searching for his entire life – his true identity. For years he had denied being gay to himself and others. In the easy-going and liberal suburb Newtown he finally finds the environment that allows him to be his real self and thoroughly embraces his new-found freedom.

Original title: Newtown, New South Wales (German)

Jan Henkel wurde 1980 im baden-württembergischen Heidelberg geboren. Sein Studium schloss er als Diplom-Volkswirt und mit einem Magister in Politik-, Wirtschafts- und Rechtswissenschaften erfolgreich ab. Heute ist er als freiberuflicher Berater und Coach im Rahmen des Inbound Marketing, der professionellen Textgestaltung und der zielgruppenorientierten Beratung tätig.

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Robert J. Hawke: A Biography: Blanche d'Alpuget (engl.) S.

Artikel-Nr.: A327
Robert James Lee Hawke is one of the great men of Australian public life. A Rhodes scholar, he rejected an academic career to commit himself to the trade union movement. Son of devout Christian parents, he had been reared to public duty and to the ambition of political leadership.

Hawke first came to prominence as a union wages advocate, and as President of the ACTU from 1970 to 1980 he was a master negotiator and peacemaker in industrial life. He agitated for social and economic reforms, becoming a folk hero and the most popular Australian of his time.

He led the Labor Party to victory in the general election of March 1983 and, in winning three successive elections, became Australia's longest-serving Labor Prime Minister.


'I admire the author's skill in painting the most elusive of portraits - a living politician. One doesn't need to agree with every page to relish the book's sweep and vivacity.'
-Geoffrey Blainey

'A fascinating book. It contains some inside stories that are eye openers, even for someone who has been watching the Labor Party at close quarters for years. It is likely to be an essential key to understanding Australian politics for quite a while.'
-Laurie Oakes

'I could not put it down. Blanche d'Alpuget's book is not only a brilliant warts and all study of a complex, gifted man. It is also an impressive and in some instances a highly revelatory account of the innumerable industrial and political happenings in which Hawke was inextricably involved.'
-Alan Reid

'Blanche d'Alpuget takes as her starting point the extraordinary fascination of the Australian population with Bob Hawke and uses all of the craft of the novelist to probe the personality of this contemporary folk-hero. The result is a magnificently readable account of how Hawke has come to believe he is destined to be Prime Minister.'
-Anne Summers

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The Complete Lyrics 1978-2006: Nick Cave (dt.) S.

Artikel-Nr.: B_0027

This complete collection of Nick Cave's lyrics (306) spans his entire career, from his writing for The Birthday Party through the highly acclaimed Murder Ballads and The Boatman's Call to new albums No More Shall We Part, Nocturama, Abattoir Blues and The Proposition. Brought together in one volume for the first time, these lyrics make up one of the most outstanding achievements of contemporary music.

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