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An Aussie Night Before Christmas: Yvonne Morrison (engl.) 32 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A583

Christmas in the middle of the Australian summer means Santa has to find creative ways to deliver presents in this rewrite of the famous old poem A Night Before Christmas but with an Aussie twist.

Yvonne is a zookeeper, swing dance instructor and children’s book author. She has also worked as a schoolteacher of 5 to 12 year olds, a meteorologist and a physicist. Her publications include several picture books which have topped the bestseller lists in both Australia and New Zealand, as well as dozens of educational titles. Yvonne is passionate about animal welfare and loves to travel the world seeking out strange and unusual species.

8,99 *
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Aussie Jingle Bells: C. Buchanan/Nich Bland (engl.) 28 S. with CD

Artikel-Nr.: A585

One of the world’s best-loved Christmas carols is given an hilarious Aussie twist. This version has become a staple at end-of-year school concerts.

Dashing through the bush
In a rusty Holden ute
Kicking up the dust
Esky in the boot
Kelpie by my side
Singing Christmas songs
It's summer time and I am in
My singlet, shorts and thongs!
Oh, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells
Jingle all the way
Christmas in Australia
On a scorching summer's day
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells
Christmas time is beaut
Oh what fun it is to ride
In a rusty Holden ute!
Engine's getting hot
Dodge the kangaroos
Swaggie climbs aboard
He is welcome too
All the fam-i-Iy is there
Sitting by the pool
Christmas day, the Aussie way
By the barbeque!
Oh, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells
Jingle all the way
Christmas in Australia
On a scorching summer's day
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells
Christmas time is beaut
Oh what fun it is to ride
In a rusty Holden ute!
Come the afternoon
Grandpa has a doze
The kids and Uncle Bruce
Are swimming in their clothes
The time comes round to go
We take a family snap
Then pack the car and all shoot through
Before the washing up.
8,90 *
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Baby Wombat's Week: Jackie French (engl.) 32 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A553
The much-loved sequel to the bestselling DIARY OF A WOMBAT.
He sleeps. He eats. He gets bored. He creates havoc wherever he goes! He's Mothball's baby - and he's even cuter, naughtier and more determined than his mum.
Created by writer Jackie French and illustrator Bruce Whatley, the award-winning duo of the international bestseller Diary of a Wombat.
12,95 *
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Big Book of Australian Nature: Steve Parish (engl.) 48 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A407

This book in the Steve Parish Backyard Kids series features the gorgeous and fascinating Aussie animals that share our urban and rural worlds, captured so beautifully on film by Steve. The book is a fantastic tool to enable children to recognise the animal visitors to their garden, while learning about the alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes, sounds and time. It also encourages a healthy curiosity and introduces children to nature in the safety and familiarity of their own backyard.

Aimed at the early childhood stage from 3 year olds through to early primary school years.

7,90 *
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Birth of a Koala: Burt/McLeod (dt.) 40 S.

Artikel-Nr.: B033e

Text and photographs describe the physical characteristics, habits and life cycle of this favourite Australian marsupial.

14,80 *
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Brave Baby Koala: R. Johnson (engl.) 24 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A567

A Steve Parish Kids Story Book

5,99 *
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Brave Koala: R. Johnson (engl.) 24 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A505

A Steve Parish Kids Story Book

One of Australia's favourite animals embarks on a page-turning adventure.

Reading for enjoyment for 3-6 year olds.

5,99 *
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Bundoola: George Brown (engl.) 48 S.

Artikel-Nr.: B060

The territory of the Illawarra and South Coast Aborigines extends across the South Eastern region of NSW from LaPerouse to Kiah (Twofold Bay).
This Dreaming story tells of the significance of Beecroft Peninsula, Jervis Bay. Many South Coast people identify with this place because it was here that the Creator, Mirrigaal, took the dust of the Earth and created people. The ideas presented in this Dreaming story were retold by George Brown to the children of Kemblawarra Primary School near Devil's Hole, Beecroft Peninsula. The impact of this led to the production of this book.
Retold by George Brown. Adapted by Kim Cairns and Peter Houweling

14,80 *
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Bushfire! bindi Wildife Adventures (engl.) 92 S.

Artikel-Nr.: B_0015

While on an early morning bushwalk, Bindi and her best friend, Rachel, notice smoke on the horizon. On a super-hot day, this can only mean one thing. Bushfire! The girls spend an exhausting day helping out at the Australian Wildlife Hospital, caring for the victims of the fire.

14,95 *
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Cuddly Koala (Puppet Book): Emma Goldhawk (engl.) 10 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A357

The sixth in Templar's successful snuggly puppet series.

Mit einer hochwertigen herausnehmbaren Koala-Handpuppe.

19,99 *
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Diary of a Wombat: Jackie French/Bruce Whatley (engl.) 32 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A132e

Sie schläft gern. Sie schläft gern lange. Sie liebt Karotten und Haferflocken. Sie ist fest davon überzeugt, dass sie aus Menschen passable Haustiere machen kann. Sie ist ein Wombat mit Stil - und dem gemütlichsten Hinterteil der Welt.

Wombats are cuddly-looking, slow-moving Australian animals. Their favorite activities are eating, sleeping, and digging holes. Here, in the words of one unusually articulate wombat, is the tongue-in-cheek account of a busy week; eating, sleeping, digging holes . . . and training its new neighbors, a family of humans, to produce treats on demand.

This entertaining book, with its brief, humorous text and hilarious illustrations, will endear the wombat to young children, who may recognize in the determined furry creature some qualities that they share.

9,90 *
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Diary of a Baby Wombat: Jackie French/Bruce Whatley (engl.) 32 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A483e

The inimitable wombat which shared its adventures (eating, scratching, digging, sleeping) in the wildly successful Diary of a Wombat is back - with a baby! This time, it's the baby who tells the story. And a perfect wombat story it is, featuring eating, scratching, digging, sleeping, and playing, as well as the important task of finding a new underground home big enough for baby and Mum.

Wry, understated humor and gorgeous, funny illustrations make this new picture book a brilliant next chapter in the wombat saga.

Deutsche Ausgabe: Tagebuch eines Baby-Wombats

8,90 *
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Do Not Go Around Edges: Daisy Utemorrah (engl.) 32 S.

Artikel-Nr.: B158

Do not go around edges or else you'll fall. No good that place or else you'll slip.
Interweaving poetry and prose in picture-book format, Kimberley storyteller Daisy Utemorrah takes the reader on a journey into her life and country. This book won the Multicultural Children's Literature Award in 1992.

12,80 *
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Does a Kangaroo have a mother, too?: Eric Carle (dt.) 32 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A133e

Original English-language version of "Hat auch ein Känguru eine Mutter wie Du?"

Jedes Tier hat eine Mutter. So wie ich und du. Auch Tiermütter haben ihre Kinder lieb. So wie deine Mutter dich liebt.

12,90 *
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Dot & the Kangaroo: Ethel Pedley (engl.) 144 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A325


Lost and afraid in the darkening bush, Dot is befriended by a kind kangaroo. She eats the berries of understanding and is then able to communicate with all the bush creatures, who eventually guide her home. the captivating tale of Dot and the Kangaroo is told by Ethel Pedley with the magic that has made this book an Australian favourite since it was first published in 1899.

"'Dot and the Kangaroo' is without doubt one of the most charming books that could be put in the hands of a child. It is admirably illustrated by Frank P. Mahony, who seems to have entered thoroughly into the spirit of this beautiful journey into the world of Australia. The story is altogether Australian.' (SYDNEY MORNING HERALD 1899)

Now, as then, children will be enthralled by this oldest of Australian classics, and it will endure to entertain generations to come.

12,80 *
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Draw Aussie Animals: M. & S. Isham (engl.) 24 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A545

Capture the unique character of 24 of Australia's amazing animals. Easy-to-follow shapes build into finished drawings. Animal riddles enhance the fun.

Antiquarisches Exemplar mit Widmung des Autors Steve Isham "To Tyler & Alex G'day from Tasmania!" auf der ersten Innenseite.

7,80 *
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E is for Echidna: Bronwyn Bancroft (engl.) 26 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A405

My Australian Word Book

7,95 *
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Edward the Emu: S. Knowles/R. Clement (engl.) 32. S.

Artikel-Nr.: A388

Edward the emu was sick of the zoo,
There was nowhere to go, there was nothing to do,
And compared to the seals that lived right next door,
Well being an emu was frankly a bore.

Tired of his life as an emu, Edward decides to try being something else for a change. He tries swimming with the seals. He spends a day lounging with the lions. He even does a stint slithering with the snakes.

But Edward soon discovers that being an emu may be the best thing after all. And so he returns to his pen, only to find a big surprise awaiting him. . . .

Sheena Knowles' upbeat, rhyming text and Rod Clement's deliciously droll illustrations are sure to make readers laugh out loud in this whimsical picture book by the creators of Edwina the Emu.

Ages 4-8

12,80 *
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Edwina the Emu: S. Knowles/R. Clement (engl.) 32. S.

Artikel-Nr.: A387

In this sequel to the popular Edward the Emu, Edward and his mate Edwina are the proud parents of ten little emu eggs. "Don't get depressed. I'll find a job, you stay on the nest," says Edwina to her stunned mate. And so Edwina sets out to find a job in this lighthearted offering from down under.

Rhythmic, rhyming verse by Sheena Knowles and hilarious illustrations by Rod Clement make this an entertaining picture book that is sure to find a place in the hearts of readers everywhere.

Ages 4-8

12,80 *
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Ein Koala frisch und munter 14 S. See through book with no text

Artikel-Nr.: A048

with no text / ohne Text

von Sara Ball

10,80 *
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Emily and the Big Bad Bunyip: Jackie French (engl.) 32 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A356

It's Christmas Day in Shaggy Gully. Everyone is happy except for the Bunyip. Can Emily Emu and her friends possibly make the Bunyip smile this Christmas?

A delightful new picture book from the team who created the bestselling Diary of a Wombat, Pete the Sheep and Josephine Wants to Dance.

Ages 3+

9,99 *
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Emu on the loose: Lisa Regan (engl.) 24 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A485

What would happen if an emu came to stay? How would you look after it? Where would it sleep? What would it eat (baked beans, raw fish or cream cakes?) and how would you play with it?

Wild Things! gives young readers a first introduction to exotic animals around the world, looking at how and where they really live and what they need to survive, as it becomes clear that they must be posted back! Each book also includes a final fact spread to explain why each animal is suited to living in its own environment in the wild, as well as how we can help to keep it there.

Ages 4-8

6,80 *
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Finding Home: Sandra Markle (engl.) 32 S.

Artikel-Nr.: B_0016

When we think about bushfires in Australia, our thoughts are for people and property. But what about the animals?

Just imagine how frightening the sights and sounds of a bushfire must be: flames, the sounds of crackling, thick black smoke, sparks being carried on the wind igniting everything in its path, animals fleeing, these are the sounds and smells of bushfires.

This book is based on the real life story of a koala nicknamed Cinders who survived two bushfires.
The story portrays the determination, love and survival instincts of a mother koala who protects her young joey from a raging bushfire. After getting her joey down safely from the tree she embarks on a journey in search of food. Encountering people and a dog along the way she eventually finds a new source of food and a home for them both.

This is a thought-provoking book, reminding us that animals matter too! It is supported by wonderful illustrations and anyone who loves animals will love this book.

19,80 *
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Fliegend Englisch lernen: Mit Lola durch Australien: Keny Harvey (dt.) 45 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A419

Spielerischer Einstieg in die englische Sprache für Kids ab 6 Jahre.

1.000 Wörter und Sätze,

Achtung: antiquarisches Exemplar!

7,95 *
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Found You, Little Wombat: McAllister/Fuge (engl.) 24 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A442

Little Wombat is playing hide and seek with Rabbit and Koala and now it's his turn to seek! He decides to count 10 yellow flowers before going to find his friends. But he just can't seem to find any to count. And, before long poor Little Wombat is lost and confused... until his mum comes to find him.

12,80 *
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Gelam The Man from Moa: Anne Gela (engl.) 88 S.

Artikel-Nr.: B161
Gelam, the Man from Moa: a legend of the people of the Torres Strait Islands.

Written and Illustrated by Anne Abednego Gela

A traditional story from the Torres Strait. It traces the story of a young island boy from boyhood to manhood beginning with his narrow escape from the evil Dhogai who visits his home of Moa Island.

Then suddenly there came a voice, "Why are you two crying?"
Usar looked around to see who was speaking to them but found no one.

Published by Magabala Books, 1999, 76pp, paperback

19,95 *
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Ginger Meggs at Large: James Kemsley (engl.) 160 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A337

Hey, it's me, Ginger Meggs

- well, you can call me Meggsie s'long as you don't hang around with that creep Coogan. And speaking of that rat - someone let him slide into this book of mine and you can bet your best pocket knife that that spells trouble (or elbuort if you start at the wrong end). So don't cheat. Start at the beginning and see whether Coogan and Kelly and Nolan get the better of Bennie and Chubb and me.

See Ya, Ginger Meggs

9,90 *
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Grandma joins the All Blacks: H. McKinlay (engl.) 32 S. (NZ)

Artikel-Nr.: A251

This story begins with Grandma’s plans to be a ‘good grandma.’ She even takes her knitting when she goes to watch the All Blacks in training. She sits and waits and knits but where are the boys? They’re hiding in the change room. Luckily, there’s nothing wrong that a dose of Gran’s marmalade can’t fix.
Next morning however, the team refuses to get up. The coach asks Gran for help. ‘They need a break,’ she tells him. She puts her granny chores aside and leads the boys off for some fun and adventure.
By Friday, their enthusiasm is restored. But on Saturday when Gran arrives at the stadium to cheer them on in the big match, disaster awaits. The captain has chicken pox. Grandma takes on yet another challenge as she dives into the fray, marmalade, boots and all.
Leider leicht transportbeschädigt, also leichte Knicke an den Ecken.

9,80 *
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Grandma's Shoes: Libby Hathorn (engl.) 32 S.

Artikel-Nr.: BoN1

When Grandma died, lots of people came to our house. "Who could ever step into such a woman's shoes?" the family asked. After hearing those words, a little girl slips her feet into her grandmother's big shoes, and is magically transported on a fantastic journey filled with images reminiscent of her grandma: a brush of butterfly wings so like her old hands, the smell of her garden, a special patch of midnight sky. Each night the girl searches for her beloved grandma in these images, as during the day she and her family begin to slow process of adjusting to their loss. Realistic family moments and emotionally powerful fantasy scenes combine to create a beautiful book about a family healing from the death of a loved one.

12,95 *
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Grandpa Kangaroo: R. Johnson (engl.) 24 S.

Artikel-Nr.: A504

A Steve Parish Kids Story Book

5,99 *
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