Sullivans Cove (TAS) Single Malt Whisky French & American Oak

Sullivans Cove (TAS) Single Malt Whisky French & American Oak

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1 l = 128,50 €

0,7l Flasche 40% Alk.
Pure Tasmanian non-chill filtered double cask single malt whisky.
The best of both worlds come together in this exceptionally easy to drink single malt. Made up of 40% French Oak and 60% American Oak, this is a delicious whisky that fits in as easily around the BBQ on a Sunday afternoon as it does in front of a fire with a cigar. Non-chill filtered and a truly delightful introduction to the Sullivan's Cove range and to Tasmanian single malts in general.
AWARD: Gold Medal World Whisky Masters 2011
-NOSE: Vanilla driven perfume, floral fruit, soft spice and cloves.
-PALATE: Soft, creamy, well structured and balanced. Herbal, then some spices and honey. English candy notes and a hint of pear.
-FINISH: Well-rounded fruity finish of a medium length with hints of honey and milk chocolate.
A barrel of Sullivan's Cove's French Oak Cask was named the world's best single malt whisky at the World Whiskies Award in London 20.3.14. Read more:

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