Chenin Blanc Riesling WhiteFrontignac Botrytis Woodstock (SA)

Chenin Blanc Riesling WhiteFrontignac Botrytis Woodstock (SA)

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1 kg = 53,31 €

375 ml Flasche 12% Alk.

Woodstock has produced this consistent golden dessert wine since 1984. Recent vintages are mostly sourced from McLaren Vale and are a blend of Botrytis affected grape varieties (Chenin Blanc, Riesling & White Frontignac) which combine to give a luscious complex dessert wine.

The WOODSTOCK 1999 BOTRYTIS SWEET WHITE blended vintage shows apricot and citrus aromas with honey overtones. The heavily raisened 1999 Botrytis affected fruit made a heavy, intense wine which was freshened by the more lively citrus flavours of the 1999 grapes. A gentle marmalade tartness has grown into peaches and cream flavours after cellaring.

Enthält Sulfite als Konservierungsstoff / contains sulphites as a preservative

Importeur: Wakefield Wines GmbH, Rungestraße 17, 10179 Berlin

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