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Secret Swimming Hole: James Ward CD

Artikel-Nr.: CD337

Secret Swimming Hole is a collection of peaceful music inspired by uniqe Australian landscapes, tranquil coastal waters, crisp snowy mountains and infinite desert night skies.

An aural delight for the senses, and an audio postcard of the beauty of Australia.

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Sparked at the Heart CD: Marcus Nassner

Artikel-Nr.: CD--

Marcus first guides you into the tropical rainforest of Australia, where Native American Lakota flute echoes in communion with exotic birds. Sensuous bamboo flutes with warm orchestral strings lead into gentle alto flute with acoustic grand piano. Finally, Tibetan singing bowls harmonize with the spell-binding drone of the didjeridu.

Part one
in the tropical rainforest
first heartsong
sacred breath
healing vibrations
from deep in the heart

Part two
on sacred ground
in the temple of healing
second heartsong
silence of the heart

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Guiding Light CD: Marcus Nassner

Artikel-Nr.: CDe

Marcus has produced two beautiful CD’s now used by many Reiki practitioners around the world as well as professional institutions and hospitals appreciating his music.

Guiding Light is a melodious composition played with alto and soprano flute, panpipes and soprano sax with warm orchestral strings. The element of water is predominant with this album. You also hear the sound of whales.

Just wonderful for healing sessions and graciously beautiful for visualisations and meditation.
1. Whales in Motion
2. Gentle Touch
3. Michael
4. Transformation
5. Guiding Light
6. Vision

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Daintree Dreamtime: Ken Davis CD

Artikel-Nr.: CD413

Take a magical journey into the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland, Australia.

Haunting Pan Flutes and nature sounds will calm and relax you. Sit back relax and enjoy this truly inspirational masterpiece.

1. Daintree Dreamtime 23.00
2. Voices Of The Rainforest  08.05
3. Stormy Sunday In Mossman Gorge 07.00
4. Changing Moods of Cape Tribulation 08.22
5. Kookaburra Sunrise 06.45
6. Spirit Of The Crocodile 04.42
Total Playing Time 57.54
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