Fresh Up Apple And Orange Juice 355ml Dose (NZ)

Fresh Up Apple And Orange Juice 355ml Dose (NZ)

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1 l = 8,42 €

Apple and Orange flavoured juice.

One of New Zealand’s top-selling fruit juice brands, is just as popular as ever. Fresh Up refreshes and revives sporty and outdoorsy Kiwis who love natural energy.

Available in a range of delicious, apple-based variants, Fresh Up is a crisp, refreshing fruit juice whose popularity knows no bounds.

After over 50 years, Fresh-Up, one of New Zealand's most loved fruit beverage brands, continues to obliterate kiwi thirsts like no other.

Zutaten: Reconstituted fruit juice (apple juice 80%, orange juice 20%, Vitamin C, Flavour. No added sugar, no preservatives

Manufactured by Frucor Beverages Ltd, 86 Plunket Avenue, Wiri, Manukau, New Zealand

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